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New products

GBTC Finance SL


GBTC Finance was born in 2020 with the aim of supporting all those who operate in a responsible way in the cryptocurrency market. We understand that serving people seeking security in a booming and expanding market such as the crypto market is our main mission.

We believe that normalizing and giving transparency to a situation that can improve the economy and the way of seeing the world must be carried out with responsibility and good work.


We want to grow by your side. We want to advise you on the operation of cryptocurrencies and their tools. Transparency is our way of interpreting and treating your capital. The responsibility of knowing your needs at all times and knowing that you expect the best from us.

We are not a simple intermediary in your operations. We are a human team that understands what you need at all times.

We grow with the commitment to always maintain our standards of quality and care. We do not forget where we come from or where we are going.

Values ​​

Our values? May time not change us. We know where we are heading.

Constancy, Closeness, Transparency and Responsibility.

It is a way of understanding a business that moves around 80 billion dollars a day and that may be, in the near future, a new way of understanding the world economy.

We are passionate about our work.

We are GBTC Finance
We are a benchmark in the crypto world